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002  /  Va - D.P.T.H., Vol. 1  -  2024


‘HydraTek’ is the name that summarizes his artistic vision: 

'Hydra' recalls the mythology and is epitomized by an aggressive, distinctive sound that’s become his signature in both sound design projects and electronic music productions; ’Tek’ is about his continuous research for high-tech and futuristic sonic explorations, trying to push electronic music forward to explore new frontiers.


The different 'heads' of the hydra are a metaphor for his eclecticism. The two polarities in the name can sometimes be found in a harsh contrast between delicate, emotive melodies and twisted, abrasive basslines.

With a strong influence and passion for modern film soundtracks, he strives to provide a concept and storytelling inside his music, even inside club-oriented tracks.

Having previously collaborated with Japanese media composer Tateshi Starwalker, Shades Of Dawn EP was born, fusing hybrid orchestration with heavy bass music elements.


‘Synthron’ is his first Various Artists release on Don’t Play This at Home (D.P.T.H.) Records, a Techno label run by Richey V that married his necessity for freedom of expression, alongside other artists united by a dark and edgy attitude.

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